Posted by Miranda October 13, 2007

Take heed from this warning........... Dogs and beloved vinyl toys don't mix!!

My Bunny guru has been happily sitting at the top of my stairs on a little landing for nearly two years (see grainy picture above), never had a problem. This week the dog decided it was a fun game to push his ball through the bars, however he did it to the point that the Guru fell down the stairs to his near death!!! Can you imagine the nightmare i faced when i looked down the stairs and saw my guru has lost his ear?? Whats worse is if it had just broke at the seams it would have been easy to repair, but no the plastic has snapped. I need an emergency plastic welder!!! Does anyone know one?? If it was painted Vinyl it would be much easier to repair than being white vinyl. Any suggestions would be gratefully received!

Who will i turn too if i can't repair my guru? *cries into her pillow*




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