Posted by Miranda October 23, 2007

Today Me and Nick could have been spotted undertaking a spot of retail therapy with the Triclops massiv' in the big LDN. I am pretty sure there will be pictures in heat magazine next week ;). Anyway after checking out the Slam City Skates section in the newly named 'Nike Word' (which was a bit shiny, but did have the pro skate Nike's I wanted. God only knows how I resisted), we headed soho way and collected a few goodies. I think that we were pretty lucky with our 50/50 ratio of secret dunny to non-secret dunny in these beauties we picked up at playlounge, even if i didn't get a secret one... but i prefer two ears anyway ;) lol. Somehow an army of ginger bread men (or dunnys) looks very sinister. Or maybe Luc has some kind of mind control exerted over them?!? I think there must be a horror film out there about them, and if there isn't i may just make it my life's work!

I really like these dunnys even though they are kinda Christmas themed and its not even Halloween, which is a much better holiday, well apart from the presents i suppose. Talking of Halloween we also couldn't resist splashing the cash on these Kaws Skeletons...... You get three in a pack for £25 so we decided to split the pack and hence i opted for the pink, surprise surprise. Nick got green and Rob Orange. Hi Fives all round.

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