Posted by Geoff October 17, 2007

If you're in London anytime soon I highly recommend heading off to see Space Invader's latest show/installation called "Rubik Cubism". As you head into the Lazarides Gallery you're confronted by a nice montage of photos of his work around London. To the right there's superb recreations of some of his london tile work sealed in glass telling you the location, date it was completed.

So if you're feeling adventorous - and have either an A-Z or encyclopedic knowledge of London's streets - you can go find the originals.

But the real treat awaits downstairs. The surprise is you're encouraged to use a digi camera or cameraphone to view the work....then you get into "the Dungeon" (Lazardies use to be an S&M; store!!) and are confronted with walls of rubik's cubes assorted to re-create famous film characters/movie scenes.


At first it's a blur of coloured blocks and you're blown away by the way the rubik's cubes have been arranged. Then you look through the camera and - bingo! - rather than assorted colours and rough outlines of familiar shaped you suddenly see Bonnie and Clyde! Bloomin' genius. If I had £16k and a lot of space i'd definitely think of investing in one of these pieces because they really draw you in.

These pictures really don't do justice to the complexity or scale of the work that's on show, so get yourself down to the gallery and take a look.


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