Posted by Miranda October 11, 2007

Thunderdog have teamed up with Alive Athletics to produce this amazing collaboration designed by Tristan Eaton. Based in Tokyo, Alive Athletics have a reputation for producing high end, luxury watches, and this stands true in this case. Limited to just 100 pieces and retailing for approx $500 it doesn't come cheap. The Watch features, original illustrations by Tristan, a glow in the dark, 3D face, with laser etched leather band; Plus inter-changeable diamond face ring. Silk Screen and embroidered display box and custom designed, laser etched glasses with self tinting lenses and glasses case.

Available now at: Good luck in saving for this one..

Thundermutt 3.0, originally planned as a UK exclusive, will unfortunately now no longer be. This Mutt is now being produced in the larger edition of 500 and will be available through select stores. The good news is, that if you are in the MUTT CLUB then you will receive yours free of charge. They are currently being shipping from the Far East but will be released soon.

THUNDERMUTT 14.5 (Secret Design Revealed)

After much deliberation over at Thunderdog on how to sell this set, they have decided to release only four of the designs to the public and keep the ultra secret fifth design as an exclusive to MUTT club members. There are only 100pcs made and it will retail for $50. The ultra secret MUTT club exclusive is designed by FILTH.

The other 4 designs featuring Stephen Bliss, Dave Needham, Tristan Eaton & Andrew Rae will be reserved for the MUTT club at the regular 10% discount.


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