Posted by Miranda October 14, 2007

Made it out for Tokidoki with StrangeCo's invasion of YoyaMart in NYC last night. Aside from a line that wrapped around the building and some banging new plushes and blind box Bastardino's on the horizon, there was champagne to spare and some very passionate fans. For those of you that have never been to YoyaMart (or if you can't make it there, visit, it is worth the trip to go. Now add the brain child of Simone Legno and Ivan Arnold? You've got yourself a match made in heaven. The entire shop was transformed, complete with a custom made Tokidoki crib. (The trick is to be born to parents cool enough to understand the importance of such a crib. If I ever upgrade from dogs, I will definitely be making a trip back, Stephane) The new releases look adorable, including a Gatto Spinoso white debut. I couldn't seem to get a decent photo of them with the glass and huge turnout, but I'll try to borrow some photos in the next couple of days. We had an amazing time chit chatting with fellow lovers of the art and the fellow obsessed. Ah, vinyl toys, bringing insane people together and driving couples with studio apartments apart...Everyone keep an eye out for the new little cuties and don't look away from Legno too long. You'll be sure to miss big things.

Tokidoki Sahara Qee by the dozens

A pretty fantastic turnout...bouncers, champagne and all;)

Jim from StrangeCo repping some new goodies

Simone signing up a storm

Claudio and I getting rowdy with our new friend Paul

The winner of the platinum Ciao Ciao and Adios set. I was sure I would have to jump the winner on their way out...but she's just too freaking cute.

New Ciao Ciao and Adios plush

Stephane and company



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