Posted by Miranda December 10, 2007

Whilst Geoff and Shakey and the guys were living it up with rum in LDN, the rest of the Clutter crew (me, nick and kirsty) took a trip down to Butlins Minehead for the ATP festival. We had a wicked time hanging out with Mad and Sket, and the dolbee Figure went down a storm. We were really surprised how well the exhibition was received considering it was a music festival, they lapped it up. Big thanks to Barry and Debbie for hooking us up with some VIP passes, and of course to mad and sket for letting us crash. Butlins is a crazy place, i have never experienced one before, so much fun. Shame that the weather wasn't better, but lucky it was all indoors!!

We got to see a few rocking bands too. Look out in the next issue for full coverage! More photos on


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