Posted by Geoff December 10, 2007
As mentioned earlier, on Friday myself, Ginny, Shakey, Teese and Sichi headed over to Cargo to check out the Evolving Styles - a live painting show featuring the talents of German graff duo Herakut, The UK's very own Mr Jago and the marvelous Flying Fortress.
Starting at 3 the artists braved the cold to paint some pretty big canvases out in the beer garden area (they call it a Patio but it's a beer garden!) - Herakut created a 6 section monster, while Mr Jago and FF kept to 4.

FF starts the creation:


It was a great opportunity to mix with the artists and also bid on work for the SOS Childrens charity. The Herkau piece was very popular racking up approx £2.5k in bids. Mr Jago's went for about half that and FF even less - fools. But it's all good as me ("VRS") and Shakey ("243")snagged the bottom two pieces of his creation.

All done!



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