Posted by Geoff December 20, 2007

Seriously now I know people have been waiting a while for this and it's nice but it's not that special. The whole release seems to have bought out the very worst in people to the point where I wonder where it's all going to end and if I can be bothered even collecting toys if this is the way it's going to be from now on.

Already you have close to 15% of the Polar release on eBay.

People camping out is nothing new but the crazy accusations of people changing clothes to go back and score a second exclusive colourway just highlights how weird it's got. Add in the usual server crashes when people jump on a site and you have a reciepe for disaster, bitching and people in desperate need of some perspective.

However I think we may have managed to hit a new all time low with this release now that Ningyoushi is selling it's regular Ringos on eBay as open auctions! Naturally the hypebeasts have ensured it's already more than double the retail price. Check out Item "170179469926".



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