Posted by Geoff December 08, 2007

So it's been quite a few days with Jingle Juice 2 on Thursday welcoming our good friend MAD and Sket to these shores. This time there was even Jungle Juice...bit too light on the vodka to start with but that was soon changed!

Great to see the usual suspects out and about, get a first hand look at MAD's Dolbee figure and get more excited than perhaps is natural at the upcoming DIY Mad*ls that are coming! Watch out you two...round two coming in April! Oh and i'm insanely jealous they were hitching a ride with Thurston Moore.

Also a chance to see the upcoming 10" LondonPolice Teddy Troop - looking good for sure.

Speaking of TLP my canvas turned up....oh yeah, really, really quite chuffed with it ;)

And then onto Friday and back to Bodhi to meet up with Sichi, Luc and Rob 'Clops (briefly!), Teese and Shakey to visit the "Evolving Styles" show featuring Herakut, Flying Fortress and Mr Jago all painting live. 7 hours later the pieces were done and the charity auction began. £200 - and a bit of stress - later myself and Shakey were proud owners of 2 of the Fortress canvases.

It was a great event - getting a chance to see how work evolves from a spray outline to a finished piece. Oh and there was free marshmallows, roasted chestnuts and apple Rum. Wicked to chat to Mr Jago, Fortress and INSA. Top marks also to the DJ for playing the best reggae version of the White Stripes ever and then somehow making a record skip from intro to end in about 2 seconds.


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