Posted by Miranda December 14, 2007

Yesterday Me, Kirsty and Nick took a trip down to The Family Business tattoo studio in London for some pain. This time it was mine and Kirsty's Turn. I went first, and cause they were so busy Nick and Kirsty had to wait out front... no moral support for me :( Luckily i made my way through the pain, with lots of lollipops and a can of redbull.

My tattoo was designed for me by Mr Playskewl and i can't thank him enough for a design thats soo me!! Even if i was in a pain in the arse over the details, i owe you!

Kirsty went for a leopard print shoulder cap that was a combination of designed by Nick and Dom (our tattooist), looks rad though, is completely her!

Big thanks to everyone at the family business and especially to Dom Holmes for doing such a good job!!

More pics here

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