Posted by Geoff March 09, 2008

Obsessed, me? Only a lil bit ;)

Obsessed, me? Only a lil bit ;)

First glimpse of the chracter's in costume and I gotta say so far, not so bad. The attention to detail looks good and only a few minor quibbles. First up here's the Comedian and Night Owl - liking the Comedian's look but less sure about Night Owl. He's meant to be a crappy Batman and have a paunch and by the looks of it he isn't out of shape enough!

Here's Ozymandias....again not bad not that close to the original version but I like what they've done with it so far. Lets hope he's suitably vain!

Rorschach...the central character at the start of the novel. Looking good although really he's just a hat and a coat. It's the mask that counts...presumably it will CGI'd to cope with the constant changes. Jury's out on this one.

Silk Spectre...pretty much what you'd expect.



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