Posted by Miranda April 29, 2008

So most of Saturday morning was spent recovering from the night before, but some of us did make into the con, amazingly.


imagekaiju1.jpg, by Miranda

The evening played host to 4 parties..... Ours, Eric Scarecrow's Soopa show, Kaiju at the Showroom and Buffmonster at GR. . Some of our crew managed to get to the three that were on Manhattan but unfortunately we didn't make it over to Queens for the Soopa show, even though it looked awesome, and Eric is one of the nicest guys ever. 


imagehead-1.jpg, by Miranda

Geoff and the rest of the crew first off hit up the Kaiju show, which looked awesome! Geoff is slowly being converted so look out Gin.

Next up people hit the Buff monster Show at Giant Robot, i have to say i am not a big fan of the monster looking stuff, but it was well executed and tighter then.... you fill in the blank ;) I loved his Kaiju figures though! Shame they were all sold by the time i made it there...



imagebuff.jpg, by Miranda

The rest of us Clutter crew were busily setting up for our party at Sloan Fine art, Sponsored by FP NY, Image Comics, Evil ink and of course us. We had rum cocktails provided by 10 cane, and 3 different types of beer. Check out the size of this baby.... unfortunately i couldn't hide it up my dress and escape.


image2442967536_a0838afbc3_b.jpg, by Miranda

And we had pretty cakes!!


imagecake.jpg, by Miranda

The Artwork on display was by Clive Barker and for me the best part of the evening was the Acoustic set by Claudio, even if he didn't play faint of hearts *shakes fist* ;). He did however do a kick ass NIN cover.


image2439827304_f8390c3ca5.jpg, by Miranda

Our party was rounded off with an after party at lit (of course!!). Unfortunately they wouldn't let Vectar in just in case he brought the whole legion of doom with him. Chad (Kidrobot) and Tim Biskup Dj'd and we dropped it until the very early hours.


image2439829780_3e685a26c5_o.jpg, by Miranda

Big thanks to everyone who helped us out with the parties and also to everyone who turned up. It was great to see so many people. Esspeically Tara McPherson our honorary guest and Cover artist.


imageparty1.jpg, by Miranda


imageparty2.jpg, by Miranda

More to come soon......

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