Posted by Miranda May 13, 2008

(Kathie Olivas's Dolbee figure for ATP, Produced by Solid Industries)

So we just got back from an awesome weekend spent down @ ATP vs Pitchfork, held at Pontin's Camber Sands. We were invited down by Barry and Deborah (thanks guys for looking after us we had so much fun!!) to help Kathie Olivas run her Gallery space and sell her Dolbee (see pic above).

We had such a fun time hanging out with Kathie and Brandt, and catching some of the bands!! Highlights for us music-wise were HOT CHIP, who kicked it, big time. Shit & Shine who had 5 Drummers!! and Red Kross who thought they were playing some big stadium in middle america! We also got chance to catch up with some other familiar faces, such as Russell Waterman and family, Pete Fowler and Hannah, and Ben. It was great to see you guys, as usual!
Also a big thanks to Jim for sorting us out with booze :)

(The prints we brought from the show)

(Our haul of goodies)

Kathie was so generous, she gave Nick, Kirsty and I, a painting each for helping. We never expected this and were soo overwhelmed! They are the best presents we have ever received! Thank you Kathie and Brandt for being sooo lovely! See you in Manchester on Saturday!

Our photos from the weekend are here


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