Posted by Geoff May 23, 2008

Went down to see this after work and it's superb.Went down to see this after work and it's superb. Great backstory if you want to read it - a tunnel built under the Atlantic has finally been completed linking London with New York so people in each city can see each other in real time*

Telectroscope detailing...Dok A would be proud of this I reckon:

Take look at who was in Brooklyn at 7:30 PM UK time:

It looks amazing on the South Bank and I bet it looks great in NYC (where they get Tower Bridge in the background!), although why they get it free and UK peeps have to pay £1 has yet to be revealed lol! But if you're in either city get down and have a look because it's a truly interesting piece of public art.

You get little whiteboards and markers to write messages on but sadly we all could communicate was the time, how hot it was and that everyone agree Obama should be the next US President!!

*note: this isn't the real story it's done with cameras but that wouldn't be a good now would it?


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