Posted by Geoff May 29, 2008

...for destroying my childhood piece by little piece. First Star Wars - yeah great idea bung loads of CGI into 3 films with no discernable narrative structure and no suspense because we all know the ending!Good one...least the pension pot has grown a lil more eh George?

And now Indiana Jones 4. It's not that it's bad exactly it's just not that good either. Yeah I know as an adult the thrill on any Indy is never going to be the same as a wide eyed boy in Birmingham wathcing Han Solo kick Nazi butt. It's just that Indy - esp the first film - were clever, knowing, funny. Everything that 4 isn't.


Still if there's an upside....Karen Allen is still cool, and there's one set piece that is truly, truly brilliant involving a village. Real edge of the seat stuff. Unfortunately that piece of brilliance only served to highlight how crap a lot of the rest of it was - Shia Lahwhatsit is awful, Cate Blanchett stinks and the ending. Oh the ending....


So George if you want to completely destroy my happy memories please re-make one of the following: Ghsotbusters, Back to the Future, The Dark Crystal, The Goonies. Then my hate will be complete.


If there's one upside there is some kick ass Lego and the upcoming Indy Lego game for the PS3!




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