Posted by Geoff June 19, 2008

We had the pleasure of spending time with Brent during NYC Comic Con and he is one of the sweetest and most taletned people you could wish to meet. His current show is ongoing at Myplasticheart but thought it was worth blogging some of the stunning customs he did for it. He's gone well beyond just painting on some of these pieces, instead Brent's created entirely new characters loosely based on existing production pieces such as this Zlik.


"Dark Awakening" which sounds like a spell you'd cast in Final Fantasy is a 10" Teddy Troop showcasing Brent's super tight lines and usual colour palatte of purple, blue and lighter yellow/gold highlights. Yummy.

Then there's "Freeloaders" based on Brandt Peters' Slaphappy but with added extras and "Pooch". Now this one took me a while to look at then it hit me that it's based on Ledebetter's Ringo Bear! You can see more of his creations and buy up remaining pieces on the MPH site:



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