Posted by Geoff June 26, 2008

Finally found some decent pics of the Medicom Toy 2008 Expo and after sifting through a lot of crap and I mean a lot - Futura Lab 'bricks that must have taken 2 seconds to 'design', KISS ripp offs (enough now...if we can't get the Teddy Troops we don't want to know!) and Care Bears (yes mofoing Care Bears!) - there were a couple of things that caught my eye.

First up - Ghostbuster Kubricks! Not sure if this is a one-off set or the start of a series as there's no Janine, Walter Peck, Louis or Gozer. But i'm loving the Peter Venkman and Egon Spengler pieces, quite apart from the superb logo and Mr Stay Puft. Slimer looks a bit weird. The "Why so Serious" Batman TDK 400% Bearbrick has a nice evil look to it altough I bet it comes in a dman two pack cos I only have space for the smaller one!


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