Posted by Geoff July 09, 2008
So Gama-Go have launched their membership drive and you've got to congratulate them on offering fans something in return. First up in exchange for your $80, the "Freinds with Benefits" level, you get the embossed giclee print shown above (ltd to 300 so get that Paypal out!). Sweet. To top that you also get a 10% discount for 2 years, your name on the window of the flagship store (when it opens).


Or you be a dirty stop out and go "casual encounters" level in at $300 and get this stunning Ledbetter giclee limited to 240 pieces, a 20% discount and your name imprinted on the window of the flagship store.
You like Prince? Yeah, I know he's really fallen off these last few years but those 80s hits, Nothing Compares 2U...brilliant. So in exchange for $500, the "When Doves Cry" membership you'll receive the under-limited Gama-Goon cast metal figure made by FullyVisual (100 pieces), your name of the window of the store and a whopping 30% off.
But that's not all! For $5k the "Well of Wisdom" level gives you a 2 foot tall metal-foiled Deathbot statue and a 40% discount. You've got until July 31st to find some money and choose your membership level.



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