Posted by Miranda August 22, 2008

I just nearly died!! Take Heed.. beware! Keep an eye on your shelves!!

So I just stood up at my desk to grab a book off one of the three shelves above my desk, which house toys and books. And two just tore straight out of the wall and made a break for it. The worst thing was that on my desk was my PC, my MacBook, my Digital SLR and my iphone. Luckily they all came away unscathed! Bloody lucky I tell you. Plus my desk has a glass top and that didn't smash! However I do have a sore finger!! (the above picture was taken after the shelves and the majority of debris and broken toys had been removed - Yo Moma, came out the worst, she no longer has a head, the baby is fine though lol) If i had still been sitting at my desk I am sure that both my arms would be broken though!

The only picture I can find at the moment of how it looked before, is this one below, taken when we were decorating.

Whist work does need to continue, we have taken extra safety measures!


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