Posted by Geoff September 24, 2008

Following on from Shakey's post comes the full details of the Stormtrooper release. The figure itself i'm warming too in the lastest pic - the head doesn't look as bad as thought on second glance. But the rules for the release are something below

A few people may remember that the Vader release at OriginalFake was marked by people, well flippers, paying homeless people and students to stand in line. Full marks to OF for trying everything in their power to avoid re-selling but it's KAWS so you know it's gonna happen. Hell, there's one guy who has a pre-order on the bay for 3 he apparently "will be getting". I'd love one to accompany my Vader but that chances of scoring one at retail are zero. And i'm simply not going to pay $500 for any toy, i'd rather save a bit more and buy an OG painting from a different artist.

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