Posted by Miranda September 20, 2008

People filtered in and out of the Chelsea Art Gallery in NYC Thursday night to check out twenty-five different 18" My Little Ponies customized by artists, musicians and celebrities.  Each pony will be auctioned off through Charity Folks until bidding ends on October 2nd.  Give Kids the World Village, a nonprofit organization providing trips to Florida for children with life-threatening illnesses.  Though many of the ponies in this 25 anniversary project seemed a very basic take on the classic My Little Pony figure, the artists MLP's took center stage, with their more eclectic spin.  Some winning "show" ponies:


The centerpieces for the cocktail tables were these adorable moss MLPs surrounded by Gerbera Daisies and Roses.  Too cute.

CLAW MONEY.  Check out the little kicks on this one and the custom hoodie.  

JUNKO MIZUNO.  Between the parka and lucite lace-up stripper shoes, this one was a hit.

SUPERDEUX.  I'm really digging the dominatrix vibe of this pony, especially the zipper down the nose. 

JIM HOUSER.  My favorite of the whole show, Jim's pony is exquisite and looks like what I think a baby pegasus would.  The arrows and closed eyes make the piece sad, but somehow peaceful and beautiful at once.  It's enough for me to put some stuff on ebay so I can afford to bid on it...



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