Posted by Geoff October 03, 2008

Thunderdog have been invited by Barack Obama's campaign called Vote for Change, designed to get people of all ages, but especially younger people to vote. You can see more here:

Thunderdog main man Tristan Eaton has created a series of posters highlighting the importance of voting. The posters illustrate the testimonials of real voters and why it's so important to vote this year. Love the war one and the guy above illustrating just how crappy wages are for the average worker.
Thunderdog artists including Tes One, Filth & Demo are also designing posters for this campaign. Great campaign, great cause, great approach. Congrats to all those involved - it's nice to see politicians trying to engage with the electorate in an interesting way rather than patronising them. Be nice to think the UK would follow suit but can you really image David "call me Dave" Cameron or Gordon "devoid of personality" Brown doing this?

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