Posted by Miranda November 17, 2008

If you have already read Issue 13.... Which you better have done, you'd know we are huge fans of ATP and applaud their Dolbee figure, created in collaboration with Jeremy Madl and Solid industries. We really admire Barry and Deborah for marrying art and music in this way, and its a growing success. Their ethos is very much about making the fans happy and being true to their roots. They choose artists they like, get bands involved, bring over artists who you wouldn't normally expect to see at these events and best of all they aren't worried about if a figure is accepted by the toy fan masses... that's far from the point of the exercise.

So far there have been 5 Dolbee figures, designed by Mad, Kathie Olivas, Michael Michael Motorcycle, Kii Arens and Sket. With some more awesome artists in the pipeline - Trust me you'll love them, things can only continue to grow. For those of you unable to attend an ATP event to grab these (although i strongly recommend you check one out!) they are soon to announce a new website, with a webstore allowing you to purchase remotely.

(Top Left; Sket for Release the Bats, Bottom Left; Kii Arens for ATP NYC 08, Middle; Michael Michael Motorcycle for Explosions in the Sky, Bottom Right; Mad for Nightmare before christmas 2007, Top Right; Kathie Olivase for ATP vs Pitchfork)

We had an amazing time at Release the Bats with Sket, Nichole and the ATP crew. The costumes were awesome (see our flickr stream for pictures) and the exhibitions received really great feedback.

Thanks to ATP, particularlly Barry and Deborah for letting us be involved and also for sending us our own set of figures :)

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