Posted by Miranda November 17, 2008

I have been meaning to blog about this for ages... Since before the last issue but things have been manic so today I am trying to blog everything I have missed.

Jeff Soto kindly sent us a copy of his new book Storm Clouds. It's truly an amazing visual journey of Jeff’s latest work, and also has the best introduction to a book I have ever read. It’s worth it just for that, believe me! I’d recommend splashing the cash and buying the limited edition box set because the prints are out of this world! Well worth every penny.

The book is available in two versions, both 8 x 10 hardcover and 154 pages. But there is a special edition which features a clam-shell box, 4 prints and certificate of Authenticity and comes signed and numbered. Only 250 sets made.

Thanks Jeff! The whole set is awesome.

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