Posted by Geoff December 18, 2008
Early contender for TOTY 2009 (even if it hit stores yesterday just to mess up my list!!!) is David Choe's first toy, the Choegal. The 8"wooden figure has been in development for a while to ensure the paint job is spot on...yep that's a factory produced paint job not a custom!!!

With wooden mechanical parts, each doll has a multi-face feature that in a He-Man "Man-E-Faces" style changes when you turn the knob on top of her hat to reveal three different facial expressions - happy, sad, and angry.

The attention to detail is something else. The arms are articulated with spring joints for multiple poses. No plastic parts have been used in the toy or packaging for an environment friendly product. The box art is stunning too...nice to see what i'd consider an "art toy" coming out...more of the same in 2009 please. Produced by Ningyoushi in association with UpperPlayground this is available to order now from Ning for the frankly ridiculous price of just $45! $45!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's a serious bargain.

David will also be doing a signing at GiantRobot2 on Sawtelle Ave in LA on December 23rd from 6-8.

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