Posted by Geoff December 12, 2008
Been a while since we did a customiser on the blog so what better way to start again than with a bang. And by bang I mean a shot right between the eyes!
Rich Montanari Jr. aka LastDyingWish (LASH) is based in the US and has been killing it with numerous custom pieces, by and large on Japanese vinyl - RealxHead, SecretBase. He recently had a solo show at Super7 with a variety of customs on display (featuring the Super7 Mummy Boy pictured here). This love of kaiju and japanese toys in general also led to the creation of "Invading Virus" 32 unique, hand-painted PopSoda toys with hopefully more of the same on the way!

To check out more of his work click here (you might want to set aside a few hours because you'll find yourself looking at every single one!):


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