Posted by Geoff December 12, 2008

Fully Visual have teamed up with Japan's Gargamel to create metal version of its mini Zagoran figure. Unlike previous Fully Visual releases that are limited too 100 pieces (99 Silver, 1 Gold) this series sees 6 variants...and given these are blind boxed it's going to be a real pain to get the precise version you might want!

The variants break down as follows:

  • Silver Zag - limited to 25 $99
  • Copper Zag - limited to 25 $120
  • Black Nickle Zag - limited to 15 $140
  • Gold Zag - limited to 15 $150
  • Green/Red Zag hand painted by Paul Kaiju - limited to 10 $160
  • Blue/Brown Zag hand painted by Paul Kaiju - limited to 10 $160

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