Posted by Geoff December 17, 2008

Oh yeah it's the big one...1-5...again in no particular order although I would say I think the #1 is arguably the Toy of the Year.

#1: Bertie the Pipebomb "Dirty Deeds" version - Ashley Wood (ThreeZero/Bigshottoyworks)It really could have been any version of this magnificent piece of vinyl but the Dirty Deeds version just edges it for the paint job and the heads! When pictures first emerged of this piece it looked was only later on that it became clear that Bertie was going to be an absolute monster. The size makes it special enough. The there's the attention to detail in the sculpt, the accessories and the poseability thanks to some expert joint work particularly on the fingers.
#2: Rebel Ink "SDCC" - Usugrow (SecretBase)

Had to think about this one and where it should go. It always looked great in pictures but in the flesh this piece by Usugrow and expertly made by the geniuses at SecretBase is truly stunning. The size, the stance, the vinyl, the details (expert pant sag) the printing...for me it's all right on the money and worthy of a place inside the Top 5 of 2k8

#3: King Kun - James Jarvis/Bounty Hunter (BxH)

Come on it had to be in (yeah I know I did Martin X as well....but it's my list lol!). Taking the original BxH Kun form and melding it to James' King Ken to produce this stunner...highly sought after by both BxH and Jarvis fans this was snapped it up. The perfect collab to mark their 10 year anniversary of making the Martin figure.

#4: Jordan 45 - Michael Lau (Crazysmiles)

You often hear the phrase "return to form" bandied about when a true innovator/legend returns after some slightly below par work. And more often that not it's simply not true...its more that the new stuff isn't quite as bad as people expected. Thankfully when Lau dropped his SK3 set followed by this Jordan set it was clear he'd lost none of the old magic. I'm still kicking myself for missing the drop of these figures! Lets hope we see more of the same from Hong Kong's finest in the next year.

#5: Chopper 1:3 (Coarse Toys)

Nick reminded me about Coarse's Paw figure but to me this "Chopper" 1:3 edition of their Flake figure is a real work of art. The finish of this figure is superb and the scale makes it a real collectors item even with the approx $250 price tag. In a world dominated by mini series it was great to see someone do something on an epic scale that was still affordable.

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