Posted by Geoff January 02, 2009

Seems the "art" toy is gonna be back with bang following on from Choegal we have the latest figure from master artist/agent provocateur Ron English. "Grin" is a new figure due for release in just a few weeks made by Garageworks Ind/Made by Monsters.

Rumour has it this is the first of a few figures from a mini-figure line called "Propoganda" being done with MINDstyle and that's great news for everyone. This figure looks superb....with a nicely executed skull under the obvious Charlie Brown outline. If I had one criticism (and I always have at least one because i'm a fussy bugger...) it's that the nose looks out of whack with the underlying bones. I could also mention the shoes/hair but that would be just silly nitpicking seeing as it's not really meant to be a pure interpretation ;)

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