Posted by Miranda February 25, 2009

I remember the days when I was about 14 and Kirsty and I would sit around trying to work out the lyrics to some of our favourite songs (Mexican Seafood - Nirvana, ring any bells K?). Inevitably we would have way more fun trying to fit words that sound similar, than getting the actual lyrics and just spend the evening sitting around in fits in laughter (Especially when we thought we had it down, to only later read the lyrics and find we were way off). 10 (cough) and a bit years later I can still vividly remember three of us sitting in my bedroom (covered floor to ceiling - actually that was covered too, in posters of punk and metal bands) falling around laughing attempting to do this. I guess it's always that link between music and nostalgia (partly brought on by one of those 25 things notes on facebook).

Anyway, I digress. It seems that in our technological age the act of sitting around with your mates making what you see as comedy gold is more interactive and can be shares with the world. Chondra sent me a link to this earlier on today, and she aided me to waste half my evening by following related videos of peoples massacring other bands songs. It genius lies shambolic approach. Proof that you don't need to be a master at a computer (or a pencil) to make something that’s gold. Its crap quality’s, bad animation and lyric changes that don’t always fit, make it genius. And its exactly what I would have been doing when I was 14, hell I’d be doing it now if i had the time.... hmmmmm


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