Posted by Miranda February 23, 2009

I'm sure this is going to raise some debate in the vinyl community!! Interesting (but not surprisingly) Kidrobot has worked with the Cartoon Network to provide the channel with a new ident and a rebrand. Working with Tristan Eaton they have created this 'new' generic shape called Noods. I personally think its lazy design which is simply a stretched Munny with a kinda lightbulb shaped head. However you can clearly see that its from the hands of Kidrobot, so from a marketing point of view its genius… Get them while they are young, Hook them in and get them spending! Does this devalue the high end of the 'art' based scene? Or does it capture children's imagination and encourage creativity? It really makes me wonder.

Kidrobot have taken quite a hammering in the past from fans who don't like this commercial direction, and whilst it was always quite separate they seemed to tread the balance between the two quite well. However I wonder how this cross over will be received.

I guess the question is do people that spend $200+ for a hoodie or a toy still want to wear/own it when children of 5 are sporting pencil cases, pens, rulers and bags with a similar if not same branding?

It’s an interesting debate for sure.

Here's the animations….. They are fun to watch and are definitely well produced... I look forward to reading your comments!


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