Posted by Nick March 10, 2009

Got this through a few days back from Mr. Brian Flynn at Super7 , and it only came to me today that i don't remember ever having seen this pic of the Mongolion before and thought it was time to share it with you.

This is gonna be the first release colourway of the L'amour Supreme figure. Black vinyl with metallic red, silver and green spray. Ready to drop on March 28th for $60. The very first release of the long awaited Mongolion figure from Super7. Another one of D.A.R.K.'s secret monsters, this half man/half lion is one of the most ferocious characters yet seen in the Snakes of Infinity.

Also in forthcoming from Super7 is this insane Jumbo Stormtrooper, measuring 2ft tall! He even has a missile firing fist!

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