Posted by Miranda May 01, 2009

Post one of the back-log of things sitting on my desk to blog about!

It's no secret I’m a big fan of Coheed and Cambria, they rock it trust me, and I guess part of the reason I brought this was because Chonny said our Accordion performance made it onto the documentary... so I just had too, but I would have brought it anyway.. promise!

So the day we (Chonny, Halina and myself) decided to make our band, 3 blondes with baby instruments (or something of that ilk), we were very hung over! And we got quite carried away with making sure our rig was ready and finding ourselves some space in the Astoria to make our own. We mashed together a performance of Welcome home (which went into the suffering but we messed it up lol) and proudly presented it to Claudio. It was a comedy moment that’s for sure, and I do look very serious…. I was concentrating damn it! Thank god I wasn't talking that’s all I can say...


imagenever2.jpg, by Miranda 


imagenever.jpg, by Miranda

The Neverender deluxe box set (which is the one here) is really nicely put together. It is an investment in $$ but trust me it’s worth it. Not only does it come packaged in a super shiny box but you get a hard back book containing no less than 9 disks (5 dvd's and 4 cd's), 48 pages of images and quotes AND to round it off a brass dragon fly.


imageneverender3.jpg, by Miranda


imagedragonfly.jpg, by Miranda


The Documentary is candid and discusses the tough times that the band has been through and how they have managed to keep it together. If you’re a fan, don't settle for the regular release; get your hands on this baby!

But mainly buy it to see our band€¦. Because quite frankly we are much better€¦. ;)




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