Posted by Nick June 04, 2009

Here's a sneaky look at the forthcoming 'Beat up Boxer' figure from My Tummy Toys. Created and developed by Breeanzz he's now in the process of seeing his character sculpted in 3 dimensions.

The Beat Up Boxer has no real name, or at least has never revealed it. He is a solitary sole rarely seen in the company of others unless its for a photo shoot when he has girls draped around him. He's boxed all his life and mostly loses but he never quits. The figure will stand 9" tall and made from resin and at the moment the planned release is for the Singapore Comicon in August this year.

At a time when many a toy company are playing it very safe considering the current financial climate it's always great to see someone doing something new that they are excited about. It's a rarer occasion these days to see something that gets you truly excited about its arrival in the way we all got excited on seeing Guy McKinleys Kichi Figure earlier in the year. We look forward to seeing the final painted version guys. Check out more of Breeanzz work at his website


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