Posted by Nick June 04, 2009

Sket-One has teamed up with Spanky Stokes to organise this raffle of a ton of Skets production figures. All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning this booty is buy a $5 raffle ticket from Spanky Stokes site. It's not known how long the raffle tickets are available for but Sket will be dropping hints via his Twitter feed:

Here's a full run down of the prizes:

1 x Original 8" Purple Eggster
1 x Buckeye Rot Red Version
1 x Buckeye Rot Black GID NYCC09 Exclusive Version
1 x Ripple Tinbot Ipod Case
1 x Infectious x Sket Nano Pod Skin(not pictured)
1 x 16" Ripple GID
1 x 16" Ripple Grayscale
1 x 8" Ripple OG
1 x Set of AP Endangered Dunny's including the elusive "Swipe" Chase and Bacon
1 x Exclusive OG 5"x5" Swipe canvasAlso Stickers and Buttons, and all the pieces will be signed by Sket!!!!

Good luck everyone!!

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