Posted by Geoff July 23, 2009

Starting August 15 Bic Plastics will have 3 Buddy releases in 3 Major Cities to mark the launch of its new mini-series that we've blogged before. So if you're in LA, NY or Chicago keep a note of these dates (and also feel my jealousy from across the ocean!).

Seriously as line ups go this is one of the best and BIC is making a big splash with this one both with the artist line up and the signings. First stop on August 15, 6-9pm is Crewest Gallery in LA where David Flores, Jesse Hernandez, Angry Woebots, Ritzy Perriwinhle and Marka will be in attendance. See what I mean - insane amounts of talent - get there early people!

New York comes next on August 21st, 6-9pm @ Toytokyo where Cope2, Indie84, Kano, Marka and Sket will be signing. Best get big beer supply then!! Finally comes Chicago at where else but the mighty Rotofugi on August 22nd where Jesse Hernandez and Marka will be doodling, signing and hanging with fans.

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