Posted by Nick August 24, 2009

Circus Posterus have big things planned for this years DragonCon. Up first it's a limited edition resin sculpture by Kathie Olivas and Brandt Peters. Called Jack & Lucky this is the Plasma edition and just looks awesome. It's toys like this that put any platform toy to shame, this is exactly what an 'art toy' is supposed to look like! Even better is the fact that the figures can be separated as they are held on top of each other by magnets. And these figure will work well if displayed separately too. Limited to 40pcs just 20 will be available at DragonCon.

Up next its glow in the dark mini Firecrackers from Colin Christian. Standing 7 1/2 inches tall these faces are made from transluscent urethane and contains a RGB color changing LED unit powered by 3 AA batteries. This causes the head to constantly change its glowing colour via the internal bulb. Awesome - we love Colins sculpture work and are glad to see it getting more mainstream releases. Although at $300 its still a little out some reaches! But this is 'art'.

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