Posted by Nick September 02, 2009

This may not be the first time an email entitled 'Banana Love' has entered my inbox, but it is the first time i've deemed its contents appropriate for our blog.

Based on the work of the artist Marina Moura, the Banana Love Monkey was sculptured by Bruno Oliveira of Atelie Onze & Onze in Brazil. There are 3 different colourways of the flocked blindboxed figure: Brown, Purple and Golden. Made of resin and limited to just 100pcs each figure comes signed and numbered by the artist.

I may just have to purchase one of these figures to have it in my collection. Its charm is undeniable, but then there's that green Real x Head Cat i want. Hmmmm decisions, decisions....

You can also see Marina Moura´s other works, as prints, canvas, posters, etc at:



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