Posted by Geoff September 17, 2009

This has been in the works for a while and finally they're here..Sickboy's handmade Resin sculpture bringing his signature drawing to life.

Produced as a four-strong series representing Love, Peace, Happiness and Death, each edition is a super-exclusive run of 25 and features an emblem of one of Sickboy’s signature symbols: a heart, a peace sign, an acid face or a skull. The highly-anticipated 3D Temples are produced in the red and yellow Sickboy colour palette (painted red with a yellow resin), are hand-signed and numbered, and are presented in a special screen-printed box.

They're also pretty hefty coming in a 14cm x 11 and weighing 800g. However they're also limited to 25 per edition, come signed and numbered by the artist for £150.00 + P&P.; Available on Sept 21st unless you're on his mailing list in which case you can pre-order now - limited to one per person.


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