Posted by Geoff October 29, 2009

Super 7 is taking over Gargamel's retail store Thrash Out this Halloween and IMO absolutely killing it with a series of stunning releases! First up is a new clear purple/soild Le Merde "Hollis Price" (above). Next up - and for me the star of the show - Pocket Mummy Boy a brand new sculpt of the classic S7 figure again in a clear purple. Want!!!!

The much anticipated new Zagoran also drops in the form of this clear "Flower" version with some intricate innards. There's also a new full size Mummy Boy, again clear vinyl with a spider insert and orange spray details...mmm...halloweeny! And as if that wasn't enough for one show they're also dropping a clear purple/blue spray of Itokin Park's "Gararu" figure from the Super7 Monster Family line.

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