Posted by Nick December 24, 2009

Well really I shouldn't single it down to one single ATP as there have been 4 this year we've been to (5 including Maz's trip to ATP:NY) featuring the artwork of Tara McPherson, Pete Fowler, Tim Biskup and Mick Turner of the Dirty Three. But for me hanging out in the gallery with Tim, Nicki and Matt was a major highlight.

The best thing i walked away with from the weekend is this rather superb portrait of me done by Tim who has an uncanny knack of capturing someone in just a few lines and there's something Pixar-esque about this likeness that i love to bits. Very soon it will be framed and become pride of place on my wall.

Tim brought a shed load of toys with him and more than a few of them now reside on my shelves including these two Rangeas', a Pollard and a Gargamel Helper. I think i now have more Biskup toys than any other artist! He may warrant his own shelf soon!

And for those that still haven's seen, this is what the front of Tim's Dolbee looks like. Superbly printed as per usual and previously we'd only only seen the back of the design here.

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