Posted by Nick December 24, 2009

Ok well not really 2009 related except for the fact that i finally grabbed one of my fave Michael Lau figures from back when i first discovered toys. I didn't have the money then, and to be honest i don't have huge amounts of it now but i managed to grab 'Junkie' this year and i love him to bits (especially with the Labbit Santa hat on).

We all have that toy that we couldn't afford back then or even something from when we were kids. For the same reason i'm loving seeing the Jordan re-releases in the stores at the mo cos they were the shoes i was desperate for when i was some kinda tall, spotty, basketball playing kid dreaming of being 'Like Mike'.

So here's a Merry Christmas to y'all and to getting that elusive toy - and also never underestimate the fun that can be had making all your toys try on the santa hat! Here's to the next decade!

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