Posted by Miranda February 18, 2010

Yesterday I took a trip to the Javits for this years NYC Toy Fair. Its been a few years since we attended, switching to comiccon with the majority of the art toy manufactures and artist, so I have to admit that my expectations were not very high.

The javits was not as busy as previous years, nor the exhibition as large, but some gems were still to be found, particular favourites of mine were Ren and Stimpy Be@rbricks shown on Diamonds stand (See flickr for images) and the amazing multitude of Toy piano's and harps (none of which i managed to smuggle out of the door) from Schoenhut.
More interesting to you guys however was the Bic plastic's Booth. We were very keen to check out what they are up too after hearing word of them working with Tristan Eaton.
Together Bic and Thunderdog have been working on the well known "runt" character, repackaged as the "dinki" I guess to make more kid friendly. This is a large range in a more licensed style of product. There are blind box figures, plush, clocks and even bath toys. They are very cute, but obviously aimed more at the mass market and less to do with the art scene. Hopefully they will make some money from them which will enable them to fund other projects. I really liked the white ones with the coloured accessories - maybe they will be the next hello kitty? but only time will tell if they are cute enough for that.

Shocker Toys have a DIY platform toy available called Mallow. It seems to be more of a licensed platform, and has been around for a while. Its ABS which makes it feel much cheaper than its vinyl competitors, and the design has flaws, such as the joints and incoherence with the design, but the head is a nice concept with a good space for customisation. They were displaying some nice customs in the booth and have an Artist series in development.

Most interestingly this year was Phetus' team Elite Gudz producing live custom manikins. Toyfair organisers saw the work that was produced for Fashion week in the same vein and really wanted them to be involved in making the art toy isle more "arty". Unfortunately they were stuck down the back of an isle, but the work was outstanding. I really wish they had received a more prominent position.

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