Posted by Geoff May 24, 2010

This past weekend saw a new David Horvath piece drop as part of the Super7 Lucky Bags - a new memeber of S7 Monster Family called "Power Mister" featued here in pink GID form. This 4" tall piece will look great next to the Dave figure so fingers crossed my Lucky Bag contains one!

David and Sun-Min have also announced a new (old) figure coming from Toy2r later this year. Roller the Reindeer first made an appearance on a series of greetings cards a few years back and also a guest appearance in the Bossy Bear books. He is now making the jump to 3d form - no exact drop date or prototypes yet.

Good to see an older figure being done butI have to say I'd have much preferred to see the little blue guy Beastro being made - hopefully he's next!

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