Posted by Nick June 18, 2010

Today marks the release of Triclops incarnation of the Mindstyle x Disney Stitch figure. Previously we've seen versions of the figure designed by Buffmonster, Kano, Ron English, Angry Woebots and more.

Perfect timing really with the World Cup in full swing that Winston the decidedly British bulldog gets his release. I'm sure that if Winston wasn't already a Bulldog, he'd probably be sporting a tattoo of one somewhere on his person.

Order your Winston later today direct from Triclops and get an exclusive Winston pin badge and 'Lager & Footy' tattoo! The 'Clops aka Rob and Luc have got 35 Winstons available and they go on sale at 1pm UK time today! Search 'Triclops Winston' on Ebay or click here come 1pm!

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