Posted by Geoff July 14, 2010

I know at first glance you're thinking..err...this doesn't seem particularly 'selective' but frankly you can blame the guys at Super7 for that because this year at SDCC they are bringing the motherload of Japanese made monster goodness. You can see the full line up here:

So what you see here is a new Steven the Bat (top) followed by a clear green with spray Rose Vampire, the first painted version of David Horvath's "Power Mister", what is IMO the finest Mongolion to date in a clear blue with white spray red detailing. There's also two new Pocket Mummy Boys - the first is GID as seen on the recent Lucky Bag HolliBoy mash up fig and the second comes in a tasty shade of yellow. Mmmm...summery!

Then there's a new Gararu by Itokin Park. And last but definitely not least is a new powder blue vinyl version of Le Merde's "Burgerbuns" a fantastic creation only see in resin to date.


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