Posted by Geoff August 10, 2010

August 19th marks the date of the new and much anticipated Dunny 2010 Series, featuring a range of designers (mainly it has to be said people Kidrobot has used before in Dunny series'). Posted here a few images that KR has revealed to date through Kronikle although more are available on the Dunny 2010 microsite here:

I've picked out a few that caught my eye - Travis Cain (top)...slightly controversial design given some similarities a KR board member noticed to a custom they'd done a few years ago. But regardless it's a bit different and the metallic head looks interesting. Then there's the UKs very own Sneaky Racoon with a nice bright design, MCA bringing some Wizard Crew to the series (liking the beard!) and finally another UKer Doktor A with his trademark mechtorian/steampunk style - this particular Dunny features removeable crowns for the ears.

The series also includes usual suspects Huck Gee, Frank Kozik and Amanda Vissell as well as my personal favourite design by the Triclops boys...that will be posted soon!


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