Posted by Ho December 08, 2010

Today Camilla d'Errico added "Midnight in the Forest", a fantastic line of handmade jewellery made by Australian artisan Laya Bosman, to her store. Bad Madeleine, Sweet Peacock and Royal Egg Watcher are set into beautifully crafted wooden pendants! You can order sterling silver and gold plated custom rings too! These will be great present ideas for those special girls in your life.

Also up on her site is the second in her fine art prints series "Zebramilk".This is an edition of 50 made for her 3rd Winter Release Party, however Camilla has decided that for one week only 15 of these prints will made available through her web store for those fans around the world who cannot make it to the party! The prints themselves are signed and numbere and also come with a pretty signed and numbered certificate of authenticity.

This gorgeous print features a Zebra Shark and if the quality of my Canadian Tiger print is anything to go by then it will be even more amazing in person!

Update through (@Helmetgirl), the original 15 put online have sold out and Camilla's decided to put another 10 up on the store!! I couldn't resist and got one yesterday after writing this post as I'd been pulling myself apart trying to decide if I could buy myself yet another treat before Xmas!)


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