Posted by Miranda December 21, 2010

World renown illustrator and Blue Peter badge holder Pete Fowler is a more than a music aficionado, he is a true music LOVER. Fresh from his latest work on London's Selfridges store fronts (More pictures here) he tells us what he is hoping to find stashed under his monster tree.

C: What would you like to find under the tree this year?

P: A Roland Juno 60 would be cool, don't know where I'd put it as a pretty big keyboard but sure I'd find somewhere.

On the smaller side, the Buddha Box lll is very cool, has new loops, lovely packaging and better audio, 12k!

C: What Monster wares could your fans hope to be delivered by the big red guy (no not hell boy)?

P: I've recently sold out of the Lunartik and Chums art passes I designed. I wish I had more! One of my fave pieces of mine for sale at the moment through are my hand tinted A3 screenprints - plus we have a bunch of discounted items specially for the festive season.

I also have some Seahawks records for sale through our blog. It's been a crazy year for Seahawks, a ton of releases through our own label and others, it's been a cool project to work on, creating sound and visuals that work together has always been a dream of mine.

C: What excites you about 2011?

P: Getting my animation off the ground, hopefully designing some new toys and creating and releasing more Seahawks music. I definitely need a break after 2010!

C: Thanks Pete, Hope you have a monster rocking holiday!

Keep up-to-date wtih Pete here:



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