Posted by Miranda December 24, 2010

Keeping with the UK Duo's, next up we have TADO, Sheffield's finest illustrative pair. They recently toured the states on a whistle stop road trip, with sight seeing stops including Dollyland and Monster truck rallies. I'm hoping that 2011 is full of TADO based treats and more trips to the states!

C: What would you like to find under the tree this year?

T: We discovered Sing-a-ma-jigs on our recent trip round America - they're probably one of the most ridiculous/hideous/amazing things we've seen this year! we already have the red one and we're hoping Santa might be bringing him some friends... they have the potential to be as wonderfully terrible as beanybabies!

C: What wares could your fans hope to be delivered by the big red guy?

T:We're still waiting for our Piggaphunts to appear! the 10 we had available at Rotofugi sold out very quickly and we're hoping to start the new year with finally being able to sell them properly.

We've got the Spring/Summer Gola collection to look forward to as well ( - the forthcoming S/S and A/W 2011 collections are our favourites so far.

C: What excites you about 2011?

T: 2011 is a bit of a special year for us as its kind of our 10 years of TADO anniversary! While we didnt officially set up until 2002, we first collaborated in 2001 at the start of our 3rd year at uni. We're not quite sure where on earth the past 10 years have gone but we're very happy to still be here and still enjoying ourselves! We're hoping 2011 is going to get off to a really fun start - we've got an ace childrens book lined up to get stuck into which we're really looking forward to doing. We're really keen to get back to our roots and do some flash/animation work as well. We seem to say that every year but this year we have a definite idea of what we want to achieve! Other than that we're just looking forward to seeing what arrives in our inbox and hopefully getting ourselves a dog at some point soon!

C: Thanks guys have a wonderful Christmas!! We look forward to news of a doggie!!

Keep up on all that is TADO here:


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